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Vertical Headrail only
 Ordering A Vertical Headrail Only

Replace your broken headrail easily. Choose from either our standard budget headrail (Basic ridged rail with plastic truck tracks) or luxury Vogue Headrail (Rounded rail with smoother operation using metal guide tracks).

We need to know the following details to ensure we make the rail to the exact size.

Width: Measure the existing headrail, or the width of the area you are fitting into.

Drop: We need to make the chain the correct length. Measure either the existing chain, or the drop from the top of where the headrail will be, down to where the vein slats or window sill finishes.

Size of Veins: You will have either 3 and half inch or 5 inch veins, this makes a difference to the size of the trucks to operate the veins.

Number of Veins: Please give the exact number of trucks you require.

If you have any enquries please contact us either via email: or telephone: 01843 229596.

You can also order vein slats only by going to our 'Vertical Blinds' Category on the left side. Choose a colour/design you like and foloow the options.