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Measuring Guide for Blinds to fit VELUX or Custom Skylights
Measuring Guide for VELUX ® or Custom Skylights


Manufactured to fit your VELUX ® skylight exactly, and we already have the measurements, or send us width and drop of customer skylight recess for a quote!


Locating your Model Series and Code

Each skylight (unless bespoke / made to measure) has a unique code on either a metal stamp (which can be found when you open the window), or within the glass framework.

If you have any problems locating it, please contact us either via email: sales@affordableblinds.co.uk or telephone 01843 229596.


If you have a unique skylight / roof window – you will need to have a custom made cassette blind manufactured.


Please see ‘What is a Cassette Blind’ in the Related Search below.

Example of Velux Skylight Window Codes:

Find your code by glass size (WIDTH x DROP):

*9 - 373mm x 650mm 
101 - 386mm x 483mm 
C01 - 373mm x 450mm
102 - 386mm x 563mm 
C02 - 373mm x 530mm
104 - 386mm x 763mm
*6 or C04 - 373mm x 730mm 
04 - 496mm x 763mm 
206 - 496mm x 963mm
F04 - 483mm x 730mm 
F06 - 483mm x 930mm 
*5 - 523mm x 930mm
M04 or 304 or *1 - 603mm x 730mm 
M06 or 306 or *14 - 603mm x 930mm
M08 or 308 or *2 - 603mm x 1150mm 
M10 or 310 or *13 - 603mm x 1352mm
P04 or 404 or *31 - 763mm x 730mm 
P06 or 406 - 763mm x 930mm
P08 or 408 - 763mm x 1150mm 
P10 or 410 or *3 - 763mm x 1352mm
S01 or 601 - 963mm x 450mm 
S06 or 606 or *4 - 963mm x 930
S08 or 608 or *10 - 963mm x 1150mm 
S10 or 610 - 963mm x 1352mm
U04 or 804 or *7 - 1163mm x 730mm 
U08 or 808 or *8 - 1163mm x 1150mm
U10 or 810 - 1163mm x 1352mm

Please Note This Example: 'GFL 8' is written on your stamp - This relates to  GGL/GFL/GHL - U08 / 808 / *8. Velux has made different batches of windows over the years and they can have either GGL, or GFL or GHL (or others similar), and then either U08 or 808 or 8.

Each Skylight should have a metal stamp with the correct code - See example below:
Example: GGL 606
Glass - (Width)963mm x (Drop)930mm